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May SF Mompreneur Anne-Marie Kavulla!

This months featured mom is Anne-Marie Kavulla of Pirtti Handwoven.  I met Anne-Marie last year when she landed in San Francisco, and I instantly took a liking!  She has splendid taste, which I completely identify with, and appreciate!  Here is a bit more about her, enter Anne-Marie…

Tell us about you and your business!

My business is called Pirtti Handwoven. I design and produce handwoven scarves on a floor loom in my home studio. The scarves are made in small numbers, most being one-of-a-kind or limited edition and released for sale two times a year. (Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer)  (WOW~ no one else will own my scarf… I love this!)

 What was your career prior to becoming a mompreneur?

I danced professionally in NYC for many years. I started in contemporary dance, and then went into musical theatre, competitive lindy hop, acting, print modeling…

Why do you want start your own business?

I decided to leave the performing world behind right before I had children. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, and then the babies started coming. I knew that the world was going to keep moving while I changed diapers and I didn’t want to be lost and without skills when I was ready to go back to work. Considering I have taught almost everyone who I have met in my life how to knit, I figured it was time to focus on fiber arts as a career. I chose weaving because it was something I was interested in and gave me a reason to keep the 36″ floor loom that was taking up a lot of space in my home.

What makes you unique and makes your business different from anyone else out there?

What makes me and my business unique is my process. Not many people weave on floor looms these days. I love color and the relationship color has with light and texture. I focus on a level of quality and care that makes the scarves very special. All my scarves are done by hand. The warp is measured by hand, all the striations are done by hand (as opposed to using pre-dyed variegated yarn), all the actual weaving, fringe twisting, label sewing is done by hand.

What accomplishments are you most proud of in your business so far?

Despite my small production, I have gathered a loyal following. Once my scarves are listed, they usually sell very fast. One time they sold out in 5 minutes. I was completely shocked and very, very happy.  (Now that is a great issue to deal with…)

What do you like most about being a mompreneur?

I can take my time. My main focus is my children. They are very young and they need me. My business gives me an outlet for creativity. If I can’t work for a week because I’m doing activities with my kids, then so be it. The downside is, my business is moving very slowly. So, I’ve worked that into my business plan as best I can. I consider now my time to learn my business inside and out. Right now I handle everything – design, weaving, photography, shipping, etc. When I am ready to grow my business, I want to know exactly what parts of the business I love and want to stay a part of, and what parts I am ready to hire help and outsource.

What advice do you have for other aspiring mompreneurs?

Get to know all the bells and whistles on your calendar and keep a tight schedule. A great babysitter is a necessity.

If someone knocked on your door, and it was during business hours… how will they find you?  Kid on hip, overalls… pjs?

Workout clothes and no makeup. Sad truth!

 Do you each lunch?  Favorite food?

I love to slip out to the Warming Hut for a tuna salad and take in the view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

What time do you finally fall into bed at night?


Any challenges you’d like to mention…?
A lot of mompreneur businesses are a one-person operation. It is extremely helpful to use groups like ours and surround yourself with people who can give you feedback. It’s hard sometimes to see the forest through the trees. Meeting with fellow mompreneurs has been extremely helpful to me.

(So. Now go on, sign up on her list!  And get one of those scarves!)

carry on ladies, until next month.
Remember if you would like to be featured, please contact me, Lane Here!

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