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What do you do when you don’t want to work?

Oh no, it’s one of those days, a day when I amexhausted after a night of insomnia and hot flashes!  Yes, I love hormones.

I have a list in front to me go through, to check off, to complete, and honestly I just want to go back upstairs, pull the shades and snuggle up with my son… BUT that is not an option.  I have to push through. I must, I must, I must…

So, my question to you mamas is, what do you do on these days… do you have a favorite motivational app that sends you reminders on you phone every hour?  Or a business/life coach who you call, to ask for help?  Or maybe you are the type that decides to go to an afternoon movie?  Who are you?

Today, I think I’m the type who will go outside, walk to the corner store, grab the best cuppa coffee I can get, and then contemplate in the sun, why it is that I’m mompreneur…

Why are you a mompreneur?

Until next time!

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