Pitch Pitch Pitch

We believe that it is important to talk about and share your business ideas, whether it be an idea in marketing, a new product, or the next Big Thing and you want to practice on us before heading to a VC for big funding, we want to hear abou it! We have learned that our exclusive Pitch night is the perfect place to gain invaluable insight and true community support.

How It Works.
Please send us a written email with what you would like to Pitch
– is it an idea?
– do you have a product?
– are you looking for marketing feedback?
– practice practice practice
– etc

Send us this information:

We do not have any formal agreements in regard to discussing or disclosing ideas within our community, and we do not have an NDA. We simply trust our moms. If you feel you need to have an NDA, you are welcome to bring one and ask them to sign, but for the past three years NO one has had to do this, and NO one has taken any idea…

We hold Pitch night ever three months and we typically have 3-4 moms share with us per evening. There is a wait list, so please send us your information as soon as you know that you would like to Pitch, you will be placed on our list and be notified when we have a spot available. (We do not put same types of businesses/ideas/etc on the same evening)
At this time there is no fee. (NOTE in 2014 there will be a small administrative fee of $15.00 per applicant which is non-refundable.)

What you will receive:
Invaluable insight
Video of your presentation
Product recognition
Support from our generous community
Ideas and Inspiration to better your product/idea

Moms Who Have Experienced “The Pitch” have said…

“Unbelievable. This was a game changer, we totally reorganized the structure of our business.”

“I thought my idea was just ok… these moms thought it was not only great but showed me several ways I could make a solid business of it!”

“I can’t stand getting in front of people, and this was the perfect practicing place. The moms were so helpful, thank you SFMompreneurs.”

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