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If you landed here you are on the old site… but heck, there is a lot of cool stuff here so check it all out, please.

After you can head on over to our new site!



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HOLD THE DATE– Mompreneur Meetup

Our Guest Speaker, Alesha Bishop, co-founder of Moms with Apps, co-creator of Mom Maps, and now co-founder of Henry Nate Consulting is here to save the day with branding and marketing solutions for MOMS who are on looking for a little help and big ideas! Join US!

Check our Calendar for more stuff

Thursday, April 19, 2012  6:30-8:30– Sports basement

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What a night… even in the rain we showed up!

What a night!  I love listening to the mamas!  Last night Jennifer Jamieson, a new mama pitched us and then asked how do we do it all… wow, that is such a great question.  Everyone gave their two cents and shared their experience, helping a mama survive the trials of mompreneurship!

Our second mama, Amanda shared her beautiful children’s line and then pitched an entirely NEW IDEA… I think we were unanimous with loving her idea… … two thumbs up!

Way to go mamas!  See you next month.

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Can You Pitch?

Dirt road

Every month we get together to learn from amazing women who are on the journey to fulfill some type of crazy dream…  We learn about mamas who are bedazzling jewels, making organic baby food, to those really smart number mamas who offer accounting services.  Mompreneurship is insane!  I just want to say that again, insane.  We are driven to do something… more.  This month we hear from two more moms who travel on this long dirt road, which sometimes leads to know where. (But most times leads to a rainbow!)

Will you be joining us?

Amanda Boyd from the most beautiful children’s clothing line!   AND…
Jennifer Jamieson from a photographer for all your photo needs



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Talking Women2.0

Work it Ladies!

Women2.0.  Do you know of them?  Have you heard?  I think its super important for us ladies to, well, be talking… we need to talk about what we are doing in business, and to tell the world.  One place you can do that is at Founder Fridays.

Make a plan, get a sitter for the night!  GO!

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Are you local?

English: Entrepreneurial activity in the US - ...


I was at one of those entrepreneurial conferences about two weeks ago and I found out about all of these companies that I had no idea about, and one of them is MANTA.  I am not doing business locally, I don’t have a storefront or a service currently but I can still use it for Living My Dreams.  I think it’s smart to check it out, and to make it better… there can be no cost involved, yeah!

check them out!

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I never thought I needed an Attorney

Law Library DVDs

who has time for law books and dvds?

Thank goodness I was at our meeting last night and listened!
There are so many details, that I honestly don’t have time for, but a seasoned, well
respected, (and a mom of two) business attorney sure will help when it comes to pressing contracts, details,
trademarks application, corporation status…agreements, AHHHH… I can go on and on here but I’ll stop, I think you get the idea, we need attorneys to cut through the fat of it all! Anyway I just wanted to say to MOD4LLP for showing up and helping us out last night!

Find them if you need them!

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Hey YOU!  Are you starting a nonprofit?  I came across this organization that may be able to help…

415 373 6767, Inc., a nonprofit public benefit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, offers articles of incorporation pre-cleared and pre-validated by the California Secretary of State, draft bylaws and 100 hours of consultation, training, and other forms of management assistance services to quickly incorporate a nonprofit educational and/or charitable organization Review:

Other Stuff You May Like:

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Our Next meeting… PLAN for it.

Remember we now have a permanent monthly meeting home… and our next meeting will be all about the Plan!  Do you have a plan?  Are you just beginning or need to refocus?  Our guest speakers are pros at details and all legal matters, considering they are attorneys for business!  Here is what they think: ( i love this!)

Do what you love.

Your business is what you love.  It might be engineering, writing, a restaurant, renewable energy, cupcakes, social change, phone apps, stationery, winemaking, literacy, games, cabinets, potato cannons, finance, aligned chakras, or oil on canvas.  Maybe you’re an expert in accounting, landscaping, Japanese poetry, building houses, transmissions, medicine, performance, insurance or massage.  Maybe you make the software that runs these other businesses, or the machines that make the software, or the cupcakes that feed the machines that make the software…you get the point.  You do what you love.

We’re lawyers.  We can work with you to understand the legal landscape surrounding you and your business.  We want to explain the legal side of where you’ve been, and give you the tools to make an informed decision about where you want to go.

I like that they say INFORMED.  Yes, I want to be informed… at every point of my business making process, don’t you?

Join us.  Mark the calendar.  February 16th 6:30-8:30  see you then!

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social media webinar–you wanna go?

How localization and contextualization increases brand engagement in important markets…

I love Brian Solis… and both him and Peter Heffring are offering a free marketing webinar… super cool — Check out this post.

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