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What a night… even in the rain we showed up!

What a night!  I love listening to the mamas!  Last night Jennifer Jamieson, a new mama pitched us and then asked how do we do it all… wow, that is such a great question.  Everyone gave their two cents and shared their experience, helping a mama survive the trials of mompreneurship!

Our second mama, Amanda shared her beautiful children’s line and then pitched an entirely NEW IDEA… I think we were unanimous with loving her idea… … two thumbs up!

Way to go mamas!  See you next month.

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Can You Pitch?

Dirt road

Every month we get together to learn from amazing women who are on the journey to fulfill some type of crazy dream…  We learn about mamas who are bedazzling jewels, making organic baby food, to those really smart number mamas who offer accounting services.  Mompreneurship is insane!  I just want to say that again, insane.  We are driven to do something… more.  This month we hear from two more moms who travel on this long dirt road, which sometimes leads to know where. (But most times leads to a rainbow!)

Will you be joining us?

Amanda Boyd from the most beautiful children’s clothing line!   AND…
Jennifer Jamieson from a photographer for all your photo needs



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What do you do when you don’t want to work?

Oh no, it’s one of those days, a day when I amexhausted after a night of insomnia and hot flashes!  Yes, I love hormones.

I have a list in front to me go through, to check off, to complete, and honestly I just want to go back upstairs, pull the shades and snuggle up with my son… BUT that is not an option.  I have to push through. I must, I must, I must…

So, my question to you mamas is, what do you do on these days… do you have a favorite motivational app that sends you reminders on you phone every hour?  Or a business/life coach who you call, to ask for help?  Or maybe you are the type that decides to go to an afternoon movie?  Who are you?

Today, I think I’m the type who will go outside, walk to the corner store, grab the best cuppa coffee I can get, and then contemplate in the sun, why it is that I’m mompreneur…

Why are you a mompreneur?

Until next time!

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Caroline is testing the waters….

more to come!

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Just being a Mom?

This is our blog, where we can post thoughts about being a mompreneur.  weekly updates.

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