Who does all of this?


A little about Lane…

Entrepreneurial life began early for Lane, with a sense of fashion and flair she began selling finger knitted chains at the age of six! After school she landed a modeling account with GAP. For 20 years, she wore designer threads, collaborated and strutted with designers, posed for the camera, ran from one audition to the next fitting, to the next job. While the hustle of a modeling career kept her busy, there was always time to pursue other opportunities. She consulted for non-profits in Thailand, wrote a book, worked with an ambassador, launched several start-ups with people, produced million dollar commercial campaigns, and has created a few of her own companies (sold a few too). After having her first, and only child… she dove back in to business, as a full-time mompreneur,  launched a successful company and has moved on to consult and create more!



A little about Yuliya…

A little about Stef…



A little about Caroline…

Our Founder, Caroline started her career in Human Resources working in the corporate world (as many of have or do) for Gap Inc., Charles Schwab and Williams-Sonoma. But, she developed a passion for healthy food and really wanted to work with kids. Inspired after reading an article about a pioneering healthy school advocate, she moved to NYC for graduate school focused on nutrition education. Shortly after graduation, Caroline was given the amazing opportunity to start NYC’s first health and wellness program in public elementary schools through a grant from the CDC. San Francisco and a new husband called her back to San Francisco. Five years later she has been working as part of the start-up team at Revolution Foods – a social entrepreneurial company dedicated to providing access to healthy meals for all kids. She loves being a mom to almost 4-year-old Jack!  This year she decided to dive further into her family life and is taking a hiatus from SF Mom Entrepreneurs, we will miss her constant presence and commitment!






One response to “Who does all of this?

  1. Caroline and Lane, you two are super moms! I hope to be as successful as the two of you in my future endeavors and I love that you put the spotlight on hard working moms and their businesses. I hope the “mompreneur” term catches on too.
    Thank you for making the meetup group! I attended an event at JAMaROO and I am looking forward to all the future events and to hopefully meeting you.

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