Can You Pitch?

Dirt road

Every month we get together to learn from amazing women who are on the journey to fulfill some type of crazy dream…  We learn about mamas who are bedazzling jewels, making organic baby food, to those really smart number mamas who offer accounting services.  Mompreneurship is insane!  I just want to say that again, insane.  We are driven to do something… more.  This month we hear from two more moms who travel on this long dirt road, which sometimes leads to know where. (But most times leads to a rainbow!)

Will you be joining us?

Amanda Boyd from the most beautiful children’s clothing line!   AND…
Jennifer Jamieson from a photographer for all your photo needs



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2 responses to “Can You Pitch?

  1. I will be there! Thanks for hosting!

    Oh, and can we set up a table to leave our business cards/marketing materials on for before and after mingling? I never get a change to get everyone’s info!



  2. Wish I could make it. I have a conflicting meeting.

    Have a great time!


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