Mompreneur of the month: March 2012

March Mama!
Mompreneur of the Month
Caroline, our mama founder ~ and mama to Jackson!
Tell us about you and your business-to-be!

In 2009 I started a recruitment consulting business focusing on non-profit and social entrepreneurial companies.  Shortly after going down this path I decided that running a business was like raising another baby.  And, I wanted to pursue my passion for nutrition and health for kids.  Although I loved being a mom and the idea of being a business owner, I decided that I was going to put my plans on hold until my son was a little older. 

What was your career prior to becoming a mompreneur?

Corporate Human Resources and recruiting – I started my career as a recruiter and worked for some fantastic companies like Gap Inc. and Charles Schwab.  Those companies provided me with so much training for the business world in a dynamic, bright, driven environment.    After a few years I decided that I wanted to be an independent consultant….a step toward entrepreneurship but not all of the way there.  Until I moved to NYC to pursue my passion for healthy food in schools.  For the past 8 years I have worked in NYC and SF with organizations dedicated to health and wellness for kids.  

Why do you want to start your own business?

I have always talked about having my own business.  I love the independence, the creativity and the ability to combine all of my passions.  When I was deciding onmy major in college, the only thing I said was that I wanted to have my own business.  I chose International Business because I also have a passion for language.  Here I am many years later still working on that dream!


What advice do you have for other aspiring mompreneurs?

Definitely take the time to write a thorough business plan.  Talk through your business plan with another accomplished mompreneur.  Make sure that your expectations about how much time it will take to run a business are realistic and in-line with your family’s goals/expectations.  But, otherwise – don’t think too much because you will always find a reason why you can’t do it!!  Take the risk!!!

If someone knocked on your door, and it was during business hours… (assuming you work at home) how will they find you?  Kid on hip, overalls… pjs?
Right now I do work from home supporting two mamapreneurs creating healthy food for kids!  I am fanatic about getting up, taking a shower and getting dressed for the day.  This makes me feel like I can get things done!


Do you eat lunch?  Favorite food?
My standard is fruit and frozen burrito. As I write this, I realize this does not sound good.  If I was going out to lunch, that’s a whole different story. Love all pizza and Vietnamese sandwiches – hotter the better.


What time do you finally fall into bed at night?
I do everything better in the morning…I go to bed early by 10pm. But have been known to get up at 3am for an hour or so and then back up at 7am. 

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