SF Mompreneurs in the rain

Last night was our first meeting for the year, and although it rained, several hot mamas SHOWED up!  I loved it, even with my pounding sinus congestion I managed to listen and hear what these ladies are up too.

We had Kim Burns, a mamma foodie share her strategy and business Fresh Baby Bites.  Can I just say DELICIOUS!  She shared with the group some of her baby food, and honestly I could have gobbled down two or three containers of it!  All organic, home-made yum.  She shared about the limits that she is discovering, and how to move forward with such a valuable product…  As a mom I know that I want my kiddo to eat the best, sometimes, well most times he will eat better than me, so to hear her struggles I was surprised.  One struggle being placement… I would think that this amazing food would be in all the daycare centers, and all the preschools here in San Francisco, but no, not the case…. which is hard to believe.  If you had the chance to taste this food, you would do something about it- you might even ask your childcare center to order it… it’s worth it.  I don’t go out on a limb for just anything, but this food, well it’s not just any food!  It’s over the top BABY FOOD!  YUM.  Try it.

Our second presentation was led by Linda Nevin who is introducing an online social news platform, so to speak, about reason, not rhetoric .  She gave us a snapshot view and it proved to be a very interesting concept- something my husband totally appreciates.  Me on the other hand appreciated it because Linda showed us her product and asked us for valuable feed back about design, and the overall concept – which honestly is the best business move someone can do!

We sat around on the comfy couches of Sports Basement enjoying our snacks and beverages, exchanging ideas and business cards until the clock struck closing.  All in all I say the event was a success, and I can’t wait for the next!  See you next month!



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2 responses to “SF Mompreneurs in the rain

  1. Lane and Caroline,

    Thank you so much for arranging the awesome meeting last night at Sports Basement! I loved the presentations and as always, the opportunity to meet local and dynamic mothers creating incredible goods and services.

    I really appreciate our monthly meetings and look forward to next February!

    P.S. Kim – I love that you are providing fresh local food at Recess, great idea! I will be sure to Tweet/FB about your business.
    Linda, great concept! Please let us know when you site is up so we can all contribute.


  2. Thank you Jamie and Lane what a great write up!! I truly appreciate the feedback and the a help with promoting Fresh Baby Bites! What a great group of women to have access too!! See you next time! Best wishes Kim

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