Parking space and Time.

Hip Hip Horray! Three cheers for parking spaces!  It’s official we have a space to call home… for our monthly meetings at the PRESIDIO SPORTS BASEMENT .  Lucky us.

As a mom, I am ALWAYS concerned about parking, and time.  First thing I do is check my time, and then I figure out how much time I will need to park and then I check the time again to see if I will really make it, and then I make a decision based on that time. Tick-tock clock… WILL I MAKE IT?  In this city where parking can be challenging, I am constantly checking my watch.  I am constantly telling myself I will never make it… and then there are days and nights when I throw in the towel and just go for it– I go, I speed–and I’m late.  I never use to be late.  Now as a mom, I’m late, this is one factor of parenting that I have totally surrendered too.

Good News.  With our new location, I won’t be stressed about being late, or freaked out that it’s on the other side of town… I just know that the mamas will be there, smiling for me when I show up, no matter what time it is…  Meetings begin at 6:30 and end promptly at 8:30, this is good news for me, a regular monthly meeting with like-minded mamas who are going after living their dreams.  Awesome.

See you all soon.


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