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social media webinar–you wanna go?

How localization and contextualization increases brand engagement in important markets…

I love Brian Solis… and both him and Peter Heffring are offering a free marketing webinar… super cool — Check out this post.

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What do you do when you don’t want to work?

Oh no, it’s one of those days, a day when I amexhausted after a night of insomnia and hot flashes!  Yes, I love hormones.

I have a list in front to me go through, to check off, to complete, and honestly I just want to go back upstairs, pull the shades and snuggle up with my son… BUT that is not an option.  I have to push through. I must, I must, I must…

So, my question to you mamas is, what do you do on these days… do you have a favorite motivational app that sends you reminders on you phone every hour?  Or a business/life coach who you call, to ask for help?  Or maybe you are the type that decides to go to an afternoon movie?  Who are you?

Today, I think I’m the type who will go outside, walk to the corner store, grab the best cuppa coffee I can get, and then contemplate in the sun, why it is that I’m mompreneur…

Why are you a mompreneur?

Until next time!

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Caroline is testing the waters….

more to come!

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SF Mompreneurs in the rain

Last night was our first meeting for the year, and although it rained, several hot mamas SHOWED up!  I loved it, even with my pounding sinus congestion I managed to listen and hear what these ladies are up too.

We had Kim Burns, a mamma foodie share her strategy and business Fresh Baby Bites.  Can I just say DELICIOUS!  She shared with the group some of her baby food, and honestly I could have gobbled down two or three containers of it!  All organic, home-made yum.  She shared about the limits that she is discovering, and how to move forward with such a valuable product…  As a mom I know that I want my kiddo to eat the best, sometimes, well most times he will eat better than me, so to hear her struggles I was surprised.  One struggle being placement… I would think that this amazing food would be in all the daycare centers, and all the preschools here in San Francisco, but no, not the case…. which is hard to believe.  If you had the chance to taste this food, you would do something about it- you might even ask your childcare center to order it… it’s worth it.  I don’t go out on a limb for just anything, but this food, well it’s not just any food!  It’s over the top BABY FOOD!  YUM.  Try it.

Our second presentation was led by Linda Nevin who is introducing an online social news platform, so to speak, about reason, not rhetoric .  She gave us a snapshot view and it proved to be a very interesting concept- something my husband totally appreciates.  Me on the other hand appreciated it because Linda showed us her product and asked us for valuable feed back about design, and the overall concept – which honestly is the best business move someone can do!

We sat around on the comfy couches of Sports Basement enjoying our snacks and beverages, exchanging ideas and business cards until the clock struck closing.  All in all I say the event was a success, and I can’t wait for the next!  See you next month!


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SF Mompreneur Meeting tonight!

Don’t forget that tonight is our first meeting for the year… yeah.  Adult conversation, other mamas, and business, you can’t beat that combination!

We will be hearing from two mamas:

Linda Nevin from  and Kim Burns of Fresh Baby Bites!


The hours are ticking, see you tonight.


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Parking space and Time.

Hip Hip Horray! Three cheers for parking spaces!  It’s official we have a space to call home… for our monthly meetings at the PRESIDIO SPORTS BASEMENT .  Lucky us.

As a mom, I am ALWAYS concerned about parking, and time.  First thing I do is check my time, and then I figure out how much time I will need to park and then I check the time again to see if I will really make it, and then I make a decision based on that time. Tick-tock clock… WILL I MAKE IT?  In this city where parking can be challenging, I am constantly checking my watch.  I am constantly telling myself I will never make it… and then there are days and nights when I throw in the towel and just go for it– I go, I speed–and I’m late.  I never use to be late.  Now as a mom, I’m late, this is one factor of parenting that I have totally surrendered too.

Good News.  With our new location, I won’t be stressed about being late, or freaked out that it’s on the other side of town… I just know that the mamas will be there, smiling for me when I show up, no matter what time it is…  Meetings begin at 6:30 and end promptly at 8:30, this is good news for me, a regular monthly meeting with like-minded mamas who are going after living their dreams.  Awesome.

See you all soon.

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Tina Fey?

tina as a mom

I like this so I am passing it on… 


Tina Fey’s Rules For Improv…And the Workplace

Rule #1 — Agree

The first rule of improvisation is AGREE. Always agree and SAY YES.

When you’re improvising, this means you are required to agree with whatever your partner has created. So if we’re improvising and I say, “Freeze, I have a gun,” and you say, “That’s not a gun. It’s your finger. You’re pointing your finger at me,” our improvised scene has ground to a halt.

But if I say, “Freeze, I have a gun!” and you say, “The gun I gave you for Christmas! You bastard!” then we have started a scene because we have AGREED that my finger is in fact a Christmas gun.

The Lesson: Respect What Your Partner has Created

Tina Fey obviously doesn’t think you’ll agree with everything you hear, but the real lesson is in “respecting what your partner has created.” The benefit of “agreement” is an open mind, an environment where ideas can thrive and innovation is welcome.

We all know what it’s like working with the guy who breaks rule #1. You’ve heard him, he’s the guy who says, “No, it won’t work,” “That’s impossible,” “Nope, we can’t do that.” Not so much fun working with them, is it?

Rule #2 — Not Only Say Yes… Say Yes And

The second rule of improvisation is not only to say yes, but YES, AND. You are supposed to agree and then add something of your own.

If I start a scene with “I can’t believe it’s so hot in here,” and you just say, “Yeah…” we’re kind of at a standstill.

But if I say, “I can’t believe it’s so hot in here,” and you say, “What did you expect? We’re in hell.” Or if I say, “I can’t believe it’s so hot in here,” and you say, “Yes, this can’t be good for the wax figures.” Or if I say, “I can’t believe it’s so hot in here,” and you say, “I told you we shouldn’t have crawled into this dog’s mouth,” now we’re getting somewhere.

The Lesson: Contribute Something

So how does this apply to work?

When Tina Fey says, “Say yes and” it means to contribute. Don’t be that guy in the office who sits in meetings with nothing to add to the conversation.

Take what your team has created and add something to it.

Rule #3 — Make Statements

This is a positive way of saying “Don’t ask questions all the time.” If we’re in a scene and I say, “Who are you? Where are we? What are we doing here? What’s in that box?” I’m putting pressure on you to come up with all the answers

We’ve all worked with that person. That person is a drag. It’s usually the same person around the office who says things like “There’s no calories in it if you eat it standing up!” and “I felt menaced when Terry raised her voice.

Lesson: Don’t Ask Questions All the Time

Statements are about confidence. Asking nothing but questions is draining. It’s excluding yourself from being part of the solution, it’s building obstacles instead of bridges, it’s throwing the ox in the mire and stealing the plow to get him out.

Rule #4 — There Are No Mistakes… Only Opportunities

If I start a scene as what I think is very clearly a cop riding a bicycle, but you think I am a hamster in a hamster wheel, guess what?

Now I’m a hamster in a hamster wheel. I’m not going to stop everything to explain that it was really supposed to be a bike. Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up being a police hamster who’s been put on “hamster wheel” duty because I’m “too much of a loose cannon” in the field.

In improv there are no mistakes, only beautiful happy accidents. And many of the world’s greatest discoveries have been by accident. I mean, look at the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, or Botox.

Lesson: Stay Positive, Learn to Adapt

If you do work of any meaning, mistakes are going to happen. Imagine the difference one simple change in attitude like this can make on having a positive work environment.

Just like improv, not every project will go as planned. You can take the amateur approach; stop the scene, destroy the momentum, and start over. Or you can be a pro; adapt to the change, make it your own, and do something greater.

Work is a Stage

As I close, I can’t help thinking work has more in common with improv than I even first realized.

We all have behavior that comes naturally to us. We might like to take things slow, mingle with friends, or have alone time.

And it’s not always advantageous to behave this way at work. So we adapt.

We play some improv.

We accept things that come our way…even though we don’t like it.

We add our personal touch as projects come our way…to make work more enjoyable.

We make mistakes…and learn to roll with it.

In business, it pays to have the qualities of an improvisationist. Respect. Create. Contribute. Adapt.

This post was originally posted at YouTern’s Savvy Intern blog.

By Bryce Christiansen (Blogger, YouTern)

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Are YOU up for this?

I just came across this and thought, I wonder if any moms want to go for it, this could be an amazing experience!  An opportunity for really flushing out your business and an opportunity to share with the world!  Awesome.  You in…?  Let us know!

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Book Reviews… and such.

Any bookworms out there? One mama thought of a great idea… a monthly book review of the latest and greatest books… All business… or kid centered reviews only. This way we ALL don’t have to read or waste unneccesary time… You know what I’m talking about… Any takers?

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We NEED Space!

Hello Mamas

We are actively looking for a regular meeting spot with parking! Ideally, a casual, quiet location for a fun gathering. Please let us know if you have ideas!  Please please please.

Respond below or contact us.  Thank you, thank you.

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